Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

Seven Amazing Benefits Of Hiring A Janitorial Service For Your Business

A clean, well-organized office lets your customers know that you take your business seriously. But finding the time to keep everything sparkling clean can be a challenge. With the help of janitorial services, you can greet your customers with a clean office and reap a host of other benefits for your business, as well.

1. Improves Productivity

Employees who work in clean, inviting work spaces are more productive and get more done. When your employees don't need to worry about sorting through clutter or cleaning the work area, they can concentrate on the important aspects of their jobs. According to a HLW International LLP (Buildings, 1999) study, a clean environment can boost productivity by 5%. To calculate what that means to your business, multiply the number of employees by their average salary and then multiply this number by 5% (.05). For example, if you have 50 employees who average $30,000 a year, multiply 50 by 30,000 and then multiply by .05. In this case, you can expect to see a $75,000 productivity gain.

2. Promotes Good Health

Dust, allergens and nasty germs can run rampart in a busy office. Not only do customers carry germs in with them, employees who share phones and other common equipment may unknowingly spread germs throughout the work space. Carpets, furniture, curtains and storage areas all produce dust and allergens and release them into the air. Hiring a janitorial service to thoroughly clean and disinfect the area at the end of the day goes a long way to removing these common health hazards. Keeping your employees healthy means less time lost due to sick days and illness.

3. Enhances Moods

A clean area elevates the mood of both employees and customers, making working for you or using your services an uplifting experience. Your willingness to hire a professional service to complete the cleaning tasks sends the message to your employees that your value them. Employees who feel valued are happier and more productive at work.

4. Saves Time

Your time is too valuable to spend cleaning the office or work areas. When this work is done regularly by a professional janitorial service, you won't need to take time out of your busy schedule to mop the floor or clean the windows. You may even have time for that much needed cup of coffee in the morning before the workday begins if you hire a cleaning service to do the dirty work for you during the night.

5. Reduces Stress

Working in a messy environment can be stressful for both you and your employees. Not only does it slow you down, it may fill you will guilt too. Trying to balance your time between work-related tasks and housekeeping duties can add to your stress. By eliminating the majority of the cleaning tasks with a cleaning service, you and your employees will enjoy a peaceful day with less stress.

6. Makes a Good Impression

Customers often form an impression of your business when they walk in the door. While providing top notch service is important, so is the appearance. Customers will, and do, notice if the floors are swept and windows are clean. A sparkling entrance with a clean waiting area lets your customers know you value them and their business.

7. Saves Money

Hiring a professional cleaner to clean your office and work area may seem like an additional business cost, but it may even save you money in the long run. Carpets and furniture that are cleaned properly may last longer, employees will likely miss fewer days, everyone will have more time to devote to work-related tasks, and customers are more likely to return when your business is clean and organized.

Any way you look at it, keeping your office clean is an important aspect of running a successful business. Deciding to hire a cleaning service to help you out makes sense. Many cleaning services offer a variety of options from daily (or nightly) cleaning to cleaning once or twice a week. Contact a company like Executive Building Maintenance Inc. Vancouver to get started.

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Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

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